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  • What metal detector do you use?
    I use a Nokta Makro Simplex Waterproof Detector with an 11" Coil and I use a Garrett ACE 300. I also use a Garrett Pinpointer for locating smaller metallic finds.
  • What do you carry with you when treasure hunting?
    I carry a few basic items with me during my relic hunts: A small shovel A plastic trowel Hand Shears A drop bag for my small finds
  • What's your favorite find?
    My favorite find is a small one-inch cowrie shell that I discovered while digging on a site where an early 19th-century farmhouse once stood. I’m confident that the shell, which is native to the West Coast of Africa, has ties to the Atlantic Slave Trade and may have even been carried over by an individual forced aboard a ship en-route to the New World. I’m still awaiting responses from several local experts to confirm the potentially significant find. You can read about it here.
  • What's the most dangerous thing you've found?
    In 2019 I was wading a river looking for antique bottles and I picked up a live 40mm high velocity grenade. The explosive came from a MK 19 automatic grenade launcher. Both the police and bomb squad were called to the scene. You can read about it here.
  • What's the craziest thing you've found?
    In 2020, I came across part of a human jaw while digging for antique bottles on an old 19th century homestead. The local police immediately taped off the area before they called in the state police and CSI unit. Judging by the age of the contents found with the bones, I’d estimate them to be about 130 years old. The officers said that these were the first human remains ever found in town. You can read about it here.
  • How old is my bottle?
    Please refer to this bottle dating page on the Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website.
  • Where can I find an old map of my town?
    The Library of Congress' website has a variety map collections. Old Maps Online allows you to search for old maps by region.
  • What's "The Treasure Hunter's Pocket Guide"?"
    "The Treasure Hunter's Pocket Guide" is an unpublished book that I've written. Created as a useful tool for anyone who has ever been inspired by the thought of finding real-life treasures, "The Treasure Hunter’s Pocket Guide" contains everything you need to know about the hobby and your search from start to finish. I plan on releasing this book in the Summer of 2022.
  • How do you know where to look for relics?
    When searching for a site to explore, I often reference local Sanborn maps and early 20th century photographs. Once I’m in the field, I look for older broken glass, oyster shells, and other evidence of past human presence. It’s these small clues that lead to the big finds.
  • What is a bottle dump?
    A bottle dump, trash pit, or midden is a site where unwanted garbage was disposed of. These sites usually predate garbage removal services and therefore contain older vintage and antique items. Bottles are one of the most common finds in dumps because glass can withstand decomposition unlike fabric, metal, wood, and paper.
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